Fullness of the Gospel

One of the things I thought was interesting in the Bushman interview, was that he said that the Book of Mormon gives us the fullness of the Gospel (the Atonement) but not the fullness of Doctrine. He basically says that it’s obvious that it doesn’t give us the fullness of doctrine because the Book of Abraham and the Doctine & Covenants still needed to be delivered to us. He goes on to say that we’ll never stop receiving the fullness of doctrine through continuing revelation.

I thought that was a good explanation of the Mormon point of view. If he’s right, what about the Atonement does the Book of Mormon teach us that is not found in the Bible? Or am I or Bushman miscontruing this concept entirely?

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5 thoughts on “Fullness of the Gospel

  1. The LDS position is that the Bible contains the fullness of the gospel as well. The term likely suggests “appropriate” or “sufficient” rather than “complete” as in when you ask a Brit to move leave and he says, “I will, in the fullness of time.” (I heard it recently on a British comedy.)

  2. Yes. The purpose of the Book of Mormon is to convince people that Jesus is the Christ as a second witness to the Bible. The first witness contains the same message. I think there are other reasons for the Book of Mormon, but the “fullness of the Gospel” is found in both the BoM and the Bible.

  3. I found this:

    Richard Bushman, a prominent Mormon scholar, recently did a series of interviews (which can be found here) in which he takes the position that when the Book of Mormon claims to contain “the fullness of the gospel,” it is only referring to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, i.e. his atonement and our salvation through him. I have met Brother Bushman and have a lot of respect for him, but this is a bit of rhetoric that doesn’t deal with the Book of Mormon’s real doctrinal problems. . . . more @


  4. Yerah, whoops- I actually wrote that as a comment on this post, but then decided to also post it on my own blog. Somehow it never made it here.

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