Breaking Free From a Cult — OFF TOPIC

I post this with a great deal of hesitation. Let me be clear, I am NOT calling the LDS church a mind-controlling cult. I by no means wish to offend any LDS readers of this blog. I think the word “cult” has been used with great harm and offense and I understand if LDS are quick to assume that the word is being used against them. So please don’t misunderstand why I post this.

I listened to this video and I think it’s really excellent. It’s off-topic but I’m posting it here just to extend it’s reach. I think everyone should listen to what he says about the devices cults use and how to break free from them. Mind control cults are real and dangerous. I’ve known people who have gotten involved with them and I think if they had had this information beforehand it would have saved them a great deal of heartache.

I’d recommend just letting it play in the background while you work. It’s really a MUST listen.

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Evangelical Christian living in Southern California. I live with my wife and whatever foster children happen to be in our home at this moment. I love photography, baseball, movies and I'm fascinated by Mormonism.

3 thoughts on “Breaking Free From a Cult — OFF TOPIC

  1. The word cult can be loaded to mean whatever its user wants it to mean, so let me tell you how I use it, by way of example and explanation.

    A. Entities like the LDS (Mormon) church and the Jehovah’s Witnesses espouse views and beliefs that are contrary to orthodox Christian doctrine. For this purpose I only consider doctrine that is well established as truth in a broad number of Christian Faiths. For example, the Trinity and the Jesus who is both God and man, and God who is not man, but spirit. Cults deny, or change these orthodox doctrines. In the case of the LDS they have changed the concept of the Trinity, and the concept of God as spirit (making of Him an exalted Man). There ore other things they have changed, such as the method of salvation.

    B. Cults have a hard time dealing with the Bible (it frustrates their un-Biblical ideas). So one thread that seems to run through them all is that they alter, or add to the Bible. The Mormon church is a very good example of this. Many of them use copies of the KJV Bible that have scriptural additions that amount to “corrections” and additions to some of its NT books by Joseph Smith. Of course, they also have additional books of “scripture” beyond the Bible, and to which they give more attention than the Bible. In fact, they read the Bible as framed by the Book of Mormon.

  2. There are many definitions to the word “cult” which may or may not include or exclude the LDS church. I’m sure I can device a definition that includes The March of Dimes. Regardless of which definition we might all agree on, the word is offensive to those who you deem earn the label. If you want to love someone, about the worst thing you can do is to immediately offend them in a way which they are no longer willing to listen to what you have to say.

    I want to be clear that the link is a discussion of SOCIOLOGICAL, mind controlling cults. There is no mention or hint of the LDS church. But interestingly there is mention of a group which I might have general theological agreement with.

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