The Curtain, Torn in Two

Upon Jesus’ death the curtain in the temple that separated man for the Most Holy Place was split in two. To Evangelicals, this event does not go unnoticed. We believe it clearly indicates that man no longer needed to go to the Temple or through the priest to enter into the presence of God. The Law had been fulfilled. The book of Hebrews sets Christ up as something greater than the Temple, greater than the sacrifices, greater than the High Priest and greater than the curtain. Through him we can boldly enter into the presence of God, not in the future, but now, currently.

To Evangelicals the significance of the curtain tearing in two is that the temple is no longer necessary. Do LDS place any significance on this event?


13 thoughts on “The Curtain, Torn in Two

  1. I can’t speak for the Church. And I certainly don’t claim to know everything–or even most things.

    But until I read this… I’d never heard of that. (I know… now I’m outed with my lack of reading that part (and honestly, most) of the Bible… *blushing and hiding behind the sofa*)

    So if it is taught or explained, it isn’t done widely or often. 🙂 I was an active member of the church for 6 years.

  2. This incident is recounted in each of the three synoptic gospels. In Matthew it is in 27:51. It is noteworthy that the scripture says it was torn from top to bottom–an indication that it wasn’t torn by a person.

    This curtain separated the Holy of Holies from the adjoining space. This Holy of Holies was the abode of God on earth in Hebrew theology. His special room in the temple. Its tearing represents the change from the necessity to approach God through a Priest, to being able to do it on our own, but you did a good job of explaining that.

  3. To elaborate more, Mormons talk about “the fullness of the gospel,” the meaning of which is of course unclear, but in the common parlance it means the collection of all God’s true doctrine, and the higher law (not just doctrinally and commandment-wise, but also in terms of Melchezidek priesthood authority vs. Aaronic)..

    The higher law was given to Adam and was in place down until the time of Moses, although it involved animal sacrifice because Jesus had not performed the atonement yet. The animal sacrifice was symbolic and anticipatory rather than actually effectual. The higher law was passed on patriarchially until Israel came into bondage.

    When Moses brought down God’s communication of the higher law to the children of Israel from Sinai, they were reveling and orgy-ing and worshipping a golden calf, so Moses broke those tablets and went back to get the lower law, a law of outward ordinances and temporal considerations, also called the law of Moses. The law of Moses was sybolic of Jesus in manyw ways, and was only ever intended to be temporary, to be fulfilled in Christ.

    Thus, when Jesus came, suffered, and died, the temple veil was rent, signifying specifically the fulfillment (and thus end) of the law of Moses and the restoration of the higher law. The law-of-Moses temple was no longer required, since it comprised a bunch of ordinances that were lesser and outward, and were replaced by and subordinate to the fullness of the gospel.

    At least, that’s Mormon doctrine on the matter.

    I think the problem with interpreting the rending of the temple veil at all is that no scriptural explanation is ever given. It’s clearly significant, but nowhere are we told what the significance is. We are left to infer, and reasonable minds can always infer things differently.

  4. Thanks for your further explanation on the fulfillment of the Law of Moses. Where do LDS get the idea that Moses first came down with a higher law and then returned with a lower law? Is this in the LDS canon anywhere?

  5. Um, I don’t know. I remember being taught it in Seminary, but I don’t know what the source is. I simply always assumed it to be the case.

  6. so it could be that we don’t know the significance of Moses’ two sets of tablets any more than the tearing of the veil. It’s just something someone is inferring.

  7. Well, doubtless there’s something said by some Latter-Day prophet or apostle that may or may not be revalation and/or canon and/or scripture. And getting people to argue about what’s what is unbelievably easy.

    Thus the endless frustration in untangling the knot of Mormonism.

  8. Ex 34:1 And the LORD said unto Moses, Hew thee two tables of stone like unto the first: and I will write upon these tables the words that were in the first tables, which thou brakest.

  9. Man has a choice of two paths. At the cross, you can enter

    through the torn temple curtain or enter into the Tomb.

    I ran through the torn temple curtain.

    and guess what?

    Everyone else entered the Tomb. Guess what the little boy

    is doing in the Tomb, in Mark. Preparing a place for you.

    Ever wonder why no one recognizes the risen one.

    When you invite the spirit into heart through the door.

    Don’,t you think he closes the door when he enters.

    Stones that roll open, roll shut.

    Did you ask the spirit it’s name before you asked it into

    your heart for a relationship?

    Hell is hot with fire?

    Or is it a frozen earth when the Sun dies.

    with all the little saints entombed with little crosses

    marking their graves.

    Still standing by the Tomb. looking toward Venus

    the Morning Star. crying he’s coming soon.

    Heavens temple or Earth’s Tomb, your choice.

    Sinners prayer anyone????

    Satan fooled you. Apple anyone.

    Remember there are many christ’s

    Did poor old Saul ask the spirit it’s name who entered

    and blinded him. My Jesus does not blind, He is the Light.

    and what about the little baby who is lifted into Heaven

    in revelations. and why does jesus have feet of cheap

    brass. sounds like Daniel 2.

    and good old Gen: 22. God commanded Abraham to

    sacrifice his son. A un-named angel voice told him not to.

    Abe obeyed the angel. and sacrifices the horned Ram.

    or maybe he sacrificed the devil himself. Ever hear the

    name Alpha and Omega. oh I forgot remember Abe’s

    reward obeying the angel voice. 6 million slaughtered by

    Hitler and the Temple destroyed.

    remember I told you I went through the temple.

    Seek ye first, than it will be added.

    well it was added.

  10. A personal opinion of mine is that the rending of the veil further signified that the gospel of Jesus Christ was no longer reserved only for ‘my people’ aka the Jews but also to the gentiles. I came to this conclusion from the fact that few people had access to the holy of holies, and those few were always Jewish and more specifically through Levite bloodline if I am not mistaken.

    Because it’s my opinion, I’m open to being told otherwise.

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