Book Recommendations

As LDS have begun to appreciate and respect the work of CS Lewis (he’s all over Deseret Books) I think these are Evangelical books and authors that LDS will really enjoy. I really think it would be to a person’s determent to ignore these books because they are not LDS authors.

The Divine Conspiracy

The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard
This is my absolute favorite book. It revolutionized my faith. There is a review on Amazon that says “At last a book outside of the Bible that will change your life.” I honestly don’t think I “got it” until I read this book. My faith was real and sincere, but I didn’t really understand the life Christ intended me to live. I lived a meager faith of “sin management”, just doing my best to eventually get to heaven where I could finally start living a life in the Kingdom of God.

Dallas Willard focuses mostly on the Sermon on the Mount to get at the heart of Jesus’ message, the Kingdom of God is now at hand. It’s here now and we can start living out eternity with Christ in our everyday lives. We live in an upside down world that Jesus intends to set straight. The focus of the church has been off-centered in that we have made converts and decided to let discipleship happen on its own. Instead we should focus on making disciples and converts will naturally be drawn to them. I believe that it is this message that allowed 12 ordinary and flawed men to change the world.

I read this book at least every two to three years and find something new every time. I really honestly found myself enjoying reading the Book of Mormon when I got to the parts that mirrored Matthew 5 because of this book.

Celebration of Discipline

Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

This is a must read book for anyone who intends to deepen their faith through the spiritual disciplines (such as fasting, meditation, silence, etc). Foster gives practical steps for how to do these things effectively and with fruit. He powerfully avoids using guilt to pressure readers into practice, but I always feel convicted to employ these disciplines more in my life after reading this book. If anyone ever ask me “how do I deepen my faith?” this is the book I direct them to. It’s not a 1-2-3 to spiritual success by any means (which is why I think it’s so effective). Instead, Foster does a great job of laying out practical principles and guidelines.


One thought on “Book Recommendations

  1. Actually, LDS people have appreciated the works of C.S. Lewis for ages, often quoting him during Conference talks, etc.

    Those books look great though!

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