Rebuttal Rough Stone Rolling

One of the best things about this blog software is the information it gives you concerning search terms. If some one finds this blog via a Google search, I’m told what terms they used to find it. I’ve actually received a huge boost in hits this week because of the Jesus/Joseph Smith DVD. It appears most people search for the DVD using the terms “evangelical” and “mormon” so the title of the blog draws them in.

One of the more perplexing search terms I’ve seen is “Rebuttal Rough Stone Rolling”. It would be tough to guess at why some one would enter that query into Google but just for fun I’m going to list some possibilities:

1)An Anti-Mormon disapproves of the positive motivations that Bushman gives to Joseph Smith for all events in his life.
2)A believing Mormon disbelieves the historical events Bushman illuminates from the life of Joseph Smith because they contradict common church explanations.
3)Looking for a quote from a musician says that the review Rolling Stone Magazine gave them was a bit rough and would like to give a rebuttal.
4)Someone looking for a rough draft of a rebuttal that Stone Phillips wrote concerning marijuana use.

Okay, these are turning out to be neither enlightening nor funny. Anybody have any ideas? What a lame blog entry. One things for sure, I’m going to get a lot more hits on this topic just because of the title.


2 thoughts on “Rebuttal Rough Stone Rolling

  1. For what it’s worth, you made me laugh. 😀

    I have found that a lot of people search for an ode to a pineapple in my search terms…

  2. I mostly get people looking for the Yeats poem, or for lyrics to one of the songs that I have posted lyrics to (usually Switchfoot’s “Meant to Live”).

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