Easter, It’s No Big Deal

Kullervo posted this on his blog. It surprised me and saddened me. Is this consistent in everyone else’s experience in the LDS church?

On Mormon Easter, it’s business as usual. The hymns will be easter classics, probably “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” and “He Is Risen.” Some of the more old-fashioned women will wear a fancy dress. Jesus and the Atonement, but maybe not the Resurrection, will get mentioned (or at least acknowledged) in each talk. But it won’t be substanitvely different. There might be a special musical number. If you’ve been very, very bad, there will be a Jesus-themed primary program.

But for the most part, it will be virtually indistinguishable from any other typical Sacrament Meeting. Sunday School will follow the usual curriculum, although the teacher might bear extra testimony of Jesus Christ at the end. I’m pretty sure Priesthood Meeting won’t be any different, but I probably wouldn’t pay attention anyway.

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7 thoughts on “Easter, It’s No Big Deal

  1. I joined the LDS Church when I was 18 (so, 7 years ago). Before that, I had never really learned religion and loved Easter for the chocolate.

    It is only this year–my first Easter post-Mormon–that I really discovered the wonder of Easter. I felt like crying with joy all through the church service we went to (at Cedar Ridge Community Church). It was just wonderful.

  2. I think the whole tone of the post speaks to his attitude. Much more so than what someone who does listen and does care, and enjoys primary programs might get out of it.

    We had wonderful talks on the atonement that were very heartfelt and personal. The bishop got up for a few moments at the end to share his testimony as well. He is a very humble man with a powerful spirit of gratituge for the Lord.

  3. We had a beautiful Easter Service… the Choir sand several songs and the talks were wonderful. I don’t often shed tears in Church but I did through all three segments… the Spirit was there and powerful.

    And maybe because we celebrate the resurrection EVERY Sunday and every day of our lives, that may be why Easter isn’t all that different.

    I’ve attended plenty of non-Mormon Easter services, I simply saw a whole bunch of people who never came to services otherwise.

  4. It’s certainly no secret that church attendance goes up at Protestant churches on Easter and Christmas. It’s partly due to the efforts of the true-believers to bring outsiders in on days they know the salvation message will be strongly emphasized. It’s also due to some latent guilt that cultural Christians feel on those days. I’m always excited to see people I don’t know at church on those days, I’m even more excited when I see them the following week.

  5. Jayleen, I honestly don’t think or feel that the Resurrection is celebrated EVERY Sunday in LDS Church. Perhaps (and ideally) the atonement… but the atonement and the Resurrection are distinctly different events in the LDS Church, which different significance.

  6. Also, the “weekly celebration of Easter,” if it exists like you claim it does, is honestly pretty low-key and humdrum. It’s more like a weekly acknowledgement of the resurrection; certainly not a celebration.

    And honestly, other Christian churches generally do a much better job of acknowledging the resurrection and atonement on a weekly basis than Mormons do.

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