A Candidate with Religous Issues

There is a possible Republican Presidential candidate that has some religious obstacles that may prevent him from gaining enough voter support. In his church’s historical foundation are some of the following doctrines and practices:

* Belief in the apostasy in the early church.
* Belief in the necessity of believer’s baptism by immersion for salvation.
* Dependence on Acts 2:38 for the sequence of saving actions, which include faith, repentance, baptism, forgiveness of sins, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and appropriate good works to demonstrate persevering to the end, upon which eternal life can be assured.
* A rejection of all the historic creeds and confessions of faith of the church.
* A desire to separate from all other existing forms of Christianity but to unite as the one true church of Jesus Christ.
* Strong anti-Calvinism.
* Preaching against “faith only.”
* Ambiguity as to whether or not the Holy Ghost is a person.
* The necessity of weekly communion, but avoidance of wine.
* Against paid clergy and clerical titles.
* Belief in the establishment of God’s kingdom in America in a more complete form than in any pervious era of church history.
* A stress on tithing.
* A renewed missionary zeal.
* The presence of a fiery preacher named Sidney Rigdon

The candidate? Fred Thompson, former Senator from Tennessee and character actor on Law & Order. He’s a member of The Church of Christ which at one time was known as the Campbellites. Sidney Rigdon was a prominent member of the movement before joining Joseph Smith as a leader of the LDS church.


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