Instant Message a Missionary

I think I would categorize this one in the realm of potentially bad ideas. The LDS church is beta testing a new feature on their website that allows you to chat with a missionary. . I’m all for expanding evangelistic efforts onto the internet. It’s a powerful tool and it shouldn’t be ignored. But I think this one might be too tempting for disaffected Mormons and Anti-Mormons to pass up. For an example of what I mean check out this chat transcript.

What do you think. Good idea? Bad idea?


8 thoughts on “Instant Message a Missionary

  1. I imagine that the Mormon Church probably instructs their missionaries to avoid controversial topics. They will probably be trained to steer the conversation away from those things because the Church believes they distract from the main and most important message of the restored gospel. I can see your point though. Due to the anonymity that a person can have they would have no problem asking questions that normally they may not ask. Even if they did let the missionaries answer, I don’t think most of them would be equipped with the knowledge they would need.

    However, it might not be attractive to “anti-Mormons” because the Mormon Church is very good at training missionaries to not be confrontational. In other words, it might get boring when their questions keep getting ignored or the topic changed.

  2. Yeah, I also think it’s much easier for people to harass missionaries this way than to invite them to their home. I’m sure they’ll start locking out some IP addresses for serial “investigators”.

    I think some will use the opportunity to expose naive missionaries to discouraging elements of LDS History and Doctrine.

  3. True, but most likely they will be dismissed by the missionaries if they do. Having been a missionary, I know that your whole focus is on teaching not investigating church history. When people brought church history issues up I didn’t even know enough about it myself. Usually, we would just move on to someone that wanted to listen to us. I imagine missionaries haven’t changed that much since I was one.

  4. Exmormons! Welcome to the blog. Apparently we got some sort of link-back on your message board and our stats have just shot through the roof.

  5. Okay, I found the link-back, and it’s kind of funny. Just to put all paranoid ex-mormons at ease, I am not part of the Church hierarchy. I am not spying on you so that I can turn you in for excommunication. I’m just a guy talking about Mormonism. I doubt any one from church headquarters has even seen this blog, so don’t worry, you’re secret is safe with me. 😉

    Thanks for clearing it up on that end for me Kullervo. And you’re right, I shouldn’t overlook you and Katy. big booboo.

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