Real Persecution

As a minority voice within Mormonism claims persecution for the distribution of a DVD, I’d like to point out a story of real religious persecution. Just last month a Protestant missionary and two of his converts were murdered by Muslims in Turkey. All three had their throats mercilessly cut. When the murderers were caught they immediately confessed that they did it to defend Islam. This was no accident, and there was no motive but religious persecution.

You can read the whole story here.

I’ll be proud to meet these men in heaven.


4 thoughts on “Real Persecution

  1. Yeah, a DVD is not persecution.

    Other things that aren’t persecution:
    -stores choosing to say “Happy Holidays” at Christmastime.
    -separation of Church and State
    -taking down the ten commandments from public buildings
    -not giving your religion special favoritism in law and society

  2. Very very sad. The DVD (while offensive) is nothing compared to what happened to these people. I will pray for their families.

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