8 Random Facts

Kullervo tagged me. Since he let his wife get away with disobeying the rules, I will too. I’m not tagging anyone else. (it’s so MySpace)

The rules of getting tagged are simple. If you get tagged…

* Post eight random facts about yourself.
* Tag eight other bloggers (hopefully those who haven’t been tagged before).
* Post these rules.

1. Reruns of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” are a serious guilty pleasure for me. I don’t watch original episodes though.

2. I was a lifelong fan of the Kansas City Royals until last year when it became clear that the ownership of the team did not deserve my allegiance. So I had a transition year last year and now I’m a fan of the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles (I’m still having a hard time with the LA Angels thing).

3. I earned the nickname “The Meddler” in college. We imagined “the Meddler” to be a lesser, super-villain who foiled everyone’s plans. Every once-in-awhile my wife mutters “meddler” under her breath in reaction to my antics. See the Football Jesus post for an example.

4. I have three pet chickens: Jes, Patty, and Nugget. We used to have four, but Popcorn got snatched up by a Hawk when she was still a chick.

5. I’m part of a volunteer ministry team at my church. We send trips down to New Orleans on a monthly basis to aid the rebuilding effort. This summer we have 9 trips going.

6. I’ve seen every episode of Seinfeld.

7. My wife and I share the same birthday (2 years apart)

8. “Lawrence of Arabia” is one of my favorite movies.

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About Tim

Evangelical Christian living in Southern California. I live with my wife and whatever foster children happen to be in our home at this moment. I love photography, baseball, movies and I'm fascinated by Mormonism.

2 thoughts on “8 Random Facts

  1. oooo…my husband and are 8 years and 1 day apart. I love that our birthdays are so close.

    Enjoying your blog. Just started reading. Found it off Aaron’s, whose wife shared his…

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