Apocalypto Action Figures


To whom it may concern,
Deseret Books

Dear Sirs,

I suffered great alarm while visiting your bookstore yesterday. It was seeing the action figures you sell based on Mel Gibson’s hyper-violent movie, Apocalypto that caused me such distress. As I remember, Apocalypto was an R rated movie making it quite clear that it was not intended for the audience of young children. So I’m uncertain why you would be selling action figures to children that might peak their interest in such a movie. Having read many reviews of the movie, I am quite resolved that no child should be exposed to such a violent and gory depiction of Mayan life. I am appalled that you would be involved in marketing it to children.

Most disturbing is that you make the Mayan temple the center piece of this toy set. If you have not seen the movie, you may not be aware of what happened at Mayan temples. It was the location of a brutal religious ritual in which slaves had their hearts cut out of their chest and their heads tossed down the steps of the temple to the cheers of a bloody thirsty crowd. Why would you think this is something children should be re-enacting as a form of play?

Perhaps you made a hasty purchasing decision. From the numerous pictures of Jesus on the walls I take it that you are a religious bookstore. I understand the great interest many Christians took in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”. Perhaps you are under the misguided impression that Apocalypto is another film with religious significance. If some vendor convinced you of this in order to sell these toys to you I can assure you that you have been taken in by con-men. I’ve been in a number of other religious bookstores, and while I have seen a great deal of them selling “Passion of the Christ” merchandise, I have never seen any of them selling anything associated with Apocalytpo.

In fact, I don’t remember seeing anything related to “Passion of the Christ” in your store. Perhaps you sold out of it so quickly that you thought you could have equal success with Apocalytpo based merchandise. If this is the case, then you are shameless hucksters and I will encourage a boycott of your store to all of my friends. I find it disgusting that you would offer such violent imagery up to children to line your own pockets with cash.

Please pull these toys out of your inventory and clarify this situation to me at your earliest possible convenience.

To my readers who may be unfamiliar with the context of this please check out this posting.


18 thoughts on “Apocalypto Action Figures

  1. Dando, I think you may have misunderstood the meaning of the figurines. These figurines are characters from the Book of Mormon. Deseret Book has been selling these items for the last few years, that I am aware of.

    The figure at the top is Samual the Lamanite, a prophet who foretold the signs of the Christ’s birth and death and warned the people to repent.

    The one below and on the left, is Captain Moroni, a righteous and powerful Nephite captain. I don’t know the other figurines.

    I was actually going to purchase the set.

    So unless I am missing something, I believe you might be mistaken on this one.

  2. Yes, Austin, it was a joke. Thanks to Kullervo for saving me from having to explain my joke. The joke actually does have some meat in it as well though.

    I don’t think there is a single scholarly member of the LDS faith who contends that the Mayan temples have anything to do with the Nephite civilization. That some LDS offer them up as examples of early Mormon temples is just silly and naive. If I were LDS I would be embarrassed by it.

    It’s silly because, the Mayan temples were built after the events of the Book of Mormon and because what actually happened at them is perhaps the opposite of what happens in LDS temples. Credibility wise, it’s not really leading with your best foot forward.

  3. Well, shoot, Dando, when you put it that way…

    It’s a sarcastic joke, with some actual good points behind it.

    Yes, egg on the face. Silly me. I should’ve looked at the other posting and noticed Seth’s alluding to the figures before spouting off.

    Living in Utah, I’ve noticed there is great marketing and lucrative-ness in Mormonism. In spite of the value in most of it, there is the occasional “crap”, or the misguided intentions.

  4. wow are you f##king retarded?? that movie was definitely not gory and not so pointless as passion of the christ….and besides, it wasn’t slaves that they sacrificed- it was voluntary, done to those who wanted to give their lives to Quetzalcoatl in order to spare their family…..the people that plead to be sacrificed were the same kind of people that believed in god, except for a better purpose. So i suggest you shut the f*ck up , when you don’t know shit from the history behind it. And whats this about disallowing apocalypto toys from being sold?? excuse me, but i think the children will actually gain some knowledge of the most sophisticated civilization that existed, instead of worshiping a false god.

  5. Um, Christina–did you even read the other comments? You just sound dumb, since Tim was making a joke. 😉

  6. Dropping the f-bomb definitely makes me think: “wow, this is someone I really ought to pay attention to – I’m in for some thoughtful and informative dialogue!”

  7. Incidentally Christina, the Aztecs typically used slaves they had taken from conquered tribes and territories as the sacrifices. Meaning they were not of the same religious persuasion. So I doubt they really shared your views on the wonderful experience of having your heart chopped out of your chest to help make the sun rise.

    So the Aztecs were advanced? Bully for them. So were the Nazis. Lots of the best science of the time came out of Hitler’s Germany.

  8. We all know it’s big joke, but comon people comparing the Nazi party to Native American civilization. I got one thing to say ‘ignorance’ from all Caucasian people. You wanna know what’s funny about that? They alway’s try to legitimize their rule and justification for being at the wrong place at the right time. by the way those ‘slave’ your were talking about are the prisoners of the Flowery Wars they brought back in times of peace for sacrfice.

  9. White motherf#cker go back to Europe and wipe your ass with your left hand and shake w/ your right then throw your shit out the window. good thing men and women both have yellow fever and small pox to wipe the slate clean in N. America. Washichu

  10. To be clear, I don’t think that the Spanish were any better than the Aztecs at the time. But it’s stupid to paint either civilization as particularly saintlike.

  11. Honestly, it would appear that in the religious outlook of things from any perspective, the Aztec and Maya were probably judged on Earth. Only individuals can be judged in the afterlife. Nations must be judged on Earth.

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