In Need of a Good Mormon

I think I’ve got it in me to populate this blog with my own thoughts for as long as I decide to keep it going. But I think it would be much better if I had a consistent Mormon voice as a co-author. Right now it’s mostly a lot of Evangelical reflections on Evangelicalism and Mormonism. But to balance it out I need a Mormon who is willing to do the same. So I’m looking for a good Mormon.

If you’re a faithful member of the LDS church and have an interest in dialogue with Evangelicals I love to add you as a co-author. The only requirement would be a willingness to post a blog topic once or twice a week (with obvious expectations that vacations and time-off occur). Maybe that’s not you, but you know someone who’d do a good job, send them my way. Just post a comment expressing your interest and I’ll get you hooked up.

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About Tim

Evangelical Christian living in Southern California. I live with my wife and whatever foster children happen to be in our home at this moment. I love photography, baseball, movies and I'm fascinated by Mormonism.

3 thoughts on “In Need of a Good Mormon

  1. I would love to be this guy with you. The problem is I’m being a total flake at my own blog right now. If I can ever get my act together and think I can be consistant I’d love to write opposite you.

  2. Dando,

    I would be interested in being your “Good Mormon,” but as I’m currently in a Master’s program and starting work on my thesis, I don’t know how much time I would have. Perhaps I could join and do a question-and-answer type thing? Let me know your thoughts, either here or in email.

    Kevin Winters

  3. Tell you what. Maybe the best approach is to allow Mormons to guest post occasionally.

    I would definitely be interested.

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