Poverty Unlocked

Why is there so much poverty in the world? How can God let this happen and what does He plan to do about it? What is my role as a Christian in helping the poor? Should I give money to that guy on the street corner? What exactly can I do when the problem is so big? Is there any hope for the AIDS crisis in Africa?

I want to point you to an excellent resource. There is a new podcast called Poverty Unlocked. It contains some great information and some practical ways to think about poverty and what to do about it from a Biblical point of view. You’ll definitely feel better equipped to be a part of the solution. No more doubts about when to give and where to serve. You can know if your efforts are doing any good.


One thought on “Poverty Unlocked

  1. I want to say a word in support of the Evangelical Christian charity World Vision. World Vision, (WV) is one group of Evangelicals who, in my opinion, are really doing the work of Christ in the world. I have read the notes pertaining to the different podcasts, and I can tell you that WV is in agreement with most all of these principles. WV has what is called “Area Development Programs” these projects can last for 15 to 17 years. I’ve sponsored my oldest child for nine years so far. WV works with community leaders, and the ownership of the project is in the hands of the local people. Local people discuss with WV what they need. The goal is for the community to become self-sufficient, at that point, WV steps out. WV is concerned with the spiritual, social, physical, and mental development of sponsored children and their families. I am very happy that my sponsored children have an opportunity to attend church and Bible classes. I have Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant children. Social development–World Vision organizes birthday, Christmas, and Easter celebrations for the communities. Some children have never had a birthday celebration before WV entered their community. They offer parenting classes, nutrition and health classes–things that will improve living in the community. They train community leaders to become self sufficient. Physical– WV provides for the physical needs of sponsored and non sponsored children. They give needed surgeries and medical treatment to those children who need it. I was allowed to send a special gift to the father of one of my sponsored children so that he could have rehabilitation and therapy for an eye condition, and special eyeglasses. He is now back at work. Mental–in Rwanda, WV is offering counseling for the survivors of the genocide, and also counseling and help for Aids orphans. Everything WV does from the time they enter a community until the time they leave is focused on helping that community achieve independence and self sufficiency. They are heavily into microenterprise development. The family of one of my sponsored children received a loan from WV, and have now started a bakery. WV also assists donors in communicating with their sponsored children by providing guidelines about what life is like in each country, facts about the culture, etc.
    Sometimes in my posts, I get overly emotional and carried away, and say things that, upon reflection, are a bit harsh. This is just something I need to repent of, and because of circumstances in my past, it is something I continue to struggle with. I just want to say, for the record, that World Vision is one group of Evangelical Christians that I totally support. I plan on always supporting their work for as long as I can.

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