Men on a Mission

This is likely going to cause a stir. 12 former missionaries “bare their testimonies” in a new 12 month calendar.

Yes, this is for real.


7 thoughts on “Men on a Mission

  1. From the FAQ
    Q: What makes the Men on a Mission calendar so unique?

    A: Behind the eye-candy, this calendar has a deeper story – one that can reshape perceptions, heighten awareness, and perhaps encourage and inspire a broadened acceptance of human and religious diversity. The fact that twelve young returned missionaries are posing shirtless will certainly raise eyebrows, but may also help to sort out some common misconceptions about Mormons. The shock value of what these traditionally conservative young men have helped to create has the power to build a dialogue that encourages people across every belief system and walk of life to defy stereotypes, step out of judgment and embrace tolerance.

    Q: Who is the face behind Mormons Exposed, and why has he created this calendar?

    A: Having come from a sixth-generation Mormon family, lived in Utah for 8 years, and served a 2-year religious mission himself, Chad Hardy, the producer and co-founder of Mormons Exposed, has an in-depth understanding of the LDS church and its devotees. Since the veil surrounding the Mormon religion can be difficult for outsiders to permeate or to understand, the humor of the calendar is intended to help debunk common misperceptions and dispel some myths about the Mormon religion – encouraging people of every belief system to be more tolerant of one another.

    Is this some sort of new theme in Christianity that I totally missed the boat on? That the way to promote unity is to take your shirt off? Talk about modernization…yikes.

  2. Actually, I tried to show this to a TBM, returned missionary at my office, and she would not look at it. She had a huge issue with the fact that their shirts were off when they should be wearing garments.

    Let me also add that offending her was definitely not my intention as she’s an absolute sweetheart. Oops.

  3. I’ve got a photo posted at my Nine Moons profile section. Compare the evidence for yourself.

    Besides, real men don’t shave their chests.

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