Sorry I haven’t posted lately. I went to India and returned home to close escrow, start a remodel, celebrate Christmas and then move. I’m now trying to make sense of the chaos in my new home before my kids regress any further.

I hope to be back at some point soon.

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About Tim

Evangelical Christian living in Southern California. I live with my wife and whatever foster children happen to be in our home at this moment. I love photography, baseball, movies and I'm fascinated by Mormonism.

5 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. We moved into a new home last summer, after looking for several years. Our daughter needed some room to run around outside in, and our condo didn’t have any. It is really a good feeling to finally find a house you love. Best wishes to you.

  2. I recently conducted an interview with LDS sociologist Armand Mauss that might be of interest. It touches on the thesis of his 1994 book The Angel and the Beehive that looks at the continuous process of oscillation represented in assimilation and retrenchment as the LDS Church negotiates and renegotiates its relationship with American culture. His thesis has implications in a number of areas, including Evangelical-Mormon dialogue, and the presidential race with Romney’s candidacy. While the interview is lengthy, I think you will find it worthy of your time and reflection:

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