God Blog Conference

I’m recognizing the irony, that I’m currently too busy to blog or comment here, but this weekend I’m off to Vegas for something called the God Blog Conference.

For the time being I’ll leave you with this

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Evangelical Christian living in Southern California. I live with my wife and whatever foster children happen to be in our home at this moment. I love photography, baseball, movies and I'm fascinated by Mormonism.

9 thoughts on “God Blog Conference

  1. Be glad it was only three minutes. I just spent half an hour trying to find out if that was real or a spoof. I’m pretty sure it’s the former, but I’m still not sure.

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell. This, for example, isn’t a spoof, but it could be, and if I found it on YouTube or someplace like that I might think it is.

  2. He loves me when I’m right
    He loves me when I’m wrong
    He loves me when I waste my time
    writing silly songs

    I’m sure I’ll get zapped for this…

    But I think even Christ’s grace is being tested by this one.

  3. The singer does make a strong contention, and I may tend to agree with him when it comes to this particular silly song but it does make me question:

    Does he love me when I waste my time commenting on silly songs?

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