Joseph Smith is the Anti-Christ

The key to great blog stats is all in the title.  If you can figure out what search terms people are using to research a particular topic, you can rule the search for hits.  I’ve found this true not only from this blog, but from other web projects.  This blog has been active for 22 months.  Below are the most popular postings by title:

Jesus Was A Polygamist? – Clearly no one is interested in my thoughts on a silly painting.

The Worst Chicken Coop Ever Made – If you misspell “Chicken Coop” in your title, the URL keeps your typo and everyone else who misspells that word finds your religious blog

Jesus and the Mayans – I’m thanking the Hemispheric Theory of the Book of Mormon for this one.

We Need to Apologize – This isn’t popular in search terms so it must be that I put it front and center (and it’s so different than what most LDS hear from Evangelicals).

Joseph Saved Me From Getting Hung Up On Jesus – A big thanks to for discussing this thread.

We Push Them Out Into What? – My big splash into the Bloggernacle.  A number of blogs linked to this article.

Calvary Chapel is a Cult – Calvary Chapel should be worried about the number of people using this search term.


4 thoughts on “Joseph Smith is the Anti-Christ

  1. You should get higher hits if you use the title:
    Obama is the Mormon Anti-Christ
    Sarah Palin bikini pics banned by Baptist Church

    Using current hot topics in you title also bumps up the hits.

    you could always try a mysterous line like:

    don’t read this BLOG

    good luck with the numbers…

  2. Ditchu is absolutely right. My top posts have been:

    “At last, a picture of Sarah Palin in a swimsuit! The real deal!”

    “Sarah Palin in a swimsuit! NSFW!” (it’s not really NSFW)

    “Mormon sex slave case re-emerges”

    “No, Sarah Palin is not Mormon”

    “Is Sarah Palin a Mormon in a bikini?”

    Clearly it’s the sex that sells.

  3. I tried to stay away from the Sex stuff but if it’s the numbers that is important then the word sex is worth at least a few hundred hits.


  4. I do not know. Only God knows, and he is the One who judges him. If he did evil, then God has judged him. If he was not very good, God judges. Jesus Christ is greater than Joseph Smith and there is none like Jesus Christ, who can be compared because no man can pass the trials and drink the bitter cup and be crucified on the cross. No man can resist what Jesus resisted the pains of the Cross. Because Jesus gave his life for me and for all of us and paid for our sins and he died on the cross for us. He carried the pains, sufferings, affliction, illnesses, and all of the despise of men and he was spitted, and hated, and he was beaten by men and his beard was taken away and he was hurt and immolated and he died and he forgave for the sinners even they laughed at him and made fun of him. Jesus is the best, and the blood of Jesus is better than that of Abel blood’s sacrifice.

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