Dawkins-Lennox Debate

I’ve heard Richard Dawkins say that he’s worried about the “fine-tuning” argument.  Now apparently he concedes that there may be some credibility to Deism.  I thought this article about a recent debate between the Oxford colleagues Richard Dawkinds and John Lennox was interesting.


If you’d like to see one of their debates, you can see it here.  http://www.dawkinslennoxdebate.com/.  I think the format of this particular debate is favored to Lennox’s side, but the content is interesting none-the-less.  Perhaps of interest to our converstation is the discussion of whether or not evidence can support faith.


4 thoughts on “Dawkins-Lennox Debate

  1. I found it kind of ironic that Dawkins thinks that creation ex nihilo is an atheist position, and not a Christian position.

  2. I also find it interesting that Dawkins has the same assumption that “infinite regress of causes” is an insurmountable problem that my traditional Christian friends do.

    But I think both parties are misreading the mathematics of infinite sets.

  3. Seth, you may want to listen to some of William Lane Craig’s podcasts on this subject. He makes the point that an infinite set needs to exist completely at one time. There is always one more step that could be taken, one more second that could pass, etc.

    If I had an actual infinite number of marbles, I could give half of them to you. Would we then both have as many marbles as I started with? It seems that once infinity is applied to material objects as opposed to being just a concept, it stops being infinite.

  4. Thanks Robert.

    I think the first thing I need to read of Craig’s is his essay in “New Mormon Challenge.” Never bought the book because I’m too cheap. But you may want to check out Blake Ostler’s response to Craig’s NMC entry. Here’s a bunch of responses to arguments made by Paul Copan and William Craig:


    You ought to read through them as well.

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