It’s a Conspiracy

There’s a conspiracy afoot, an advent conspiracy My wife tipped me off to this video.  I think I’m buying into its ideas.

If Christians think there is too much materialism in Christmas, then it’s up to Christians to pull their own money out of their mouth.  Christmas currently is not what it was intended to be.  In fact the greatest irony is that this Christian holiday indulges one of American’s greatest sins.

At their website, they list ways in which you can subvert modern day Christmas.  My wife and I may put an empty manger outside our home.  When some one does something kind to us we’ll encourage them to put hay in the manger.  On Christmas we’ll place a baby Jesus in the manger.  It’s a way of building the anticipation of the coming Christ.  Also I’m strongly considering asking for gifts which can’t be handed over to me.  Things like, a lunch together, going to a movie, coming over and working on a house project, things that build relationships and don’t fill my home with “things”.

I hope you will join me.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Conspiracy

  1. Well, I want fewer things, if that counts a little. But for what it’s worth, I’m not entirely sure about where I stand regarding Jesus Christ still/again. But I am increasingly concerned about my own materialism and socially and psychologically toxic effects of commercialism.

  2. My wife came up with the suggestion that our kids donate the money that they would have gotten in Christmas presents to purchase farm animals for impoverished families.

    Our kids 10,8,5 are pretty excited about it and its a great way to help them feel grateful for what they have.

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