Shameless Self Promotion

This has nothing to do with our discussions, but everything to do with my life as a Christian.  If you like it, please help us get the word out about the beauty of foster care.  Consider posting in on your blog or Facebook profile.


6 thoughts on “Shameless Self Promotion

  1. Tim,
    What a great video you and your better half have made! Love love love it! Those girls are adorable!! Love their outfits too!
    My heart is sold out for adoption — I think you know we have been blessed 5 times thru the miracle of adoption.
    I loved what your wife said about the need for safety and permanecy is more important than our frustrations and discouragements. Amen to that.
    God bless you & your girls,

  2. That was a really cute video. Thank you for sharing! I am hoping to foster adopt in the future. (when my 4 kiddos are older) It is very disturbing to think of the millions of orphans that need our love and support right now. If every good person out there who is able could do what you have, imagine the impact that could be made in the world. If I can’t convince the spouse to adopt (he won’t even consider it right now), I plan to volunteer and get my children involved in helping these babies outside of our home.

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