Doubts, Frustrations, God & the Church

JP and Mike on Doubts, Frustrations, God, & The Church from ConversantLife on Vimeo.

This was an interview with my pastor, Mike Erre, and one of my former professors, JP Moreland. Both are (or are becoming) nationally recognized voices in the Evangelical community.

They talk about so many different things here. As they fielded questions from an online audience, it’s like they discussed their takes on many of the biggest issues facing Evangelicals today. Doubt, public perception, the Emerging church, homosexuality, politics; it’s all here.

I in particular like Moreland’s analogy of an inability to pay off a $5000 debt and indignantly insisting that our $35 should be enough.


One thought on “Doubts, Frustrations, God & the Church

  1. I saw the opening portion of the video. One thing I found interesting is that one of the key concerns Tim has raised against the LDS church, namely that it tends to equate following Christ with following the church, his pastor raises against evangelicals as well. Despite the substantial differences between evangelicals and Mormons, we face many of the same issues.

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