A New Law

Sometimes it’s easier to just tell people what to do.  Is it best?  This song encapsulates a great deal of my own spiritual journey.


2 thoughts on “A New Law

  1. This was spoken in the 1800s . . .

    “Even to-day, any new movement, even within Christianity, that proposes to set up a new legalism, that tells me what I am or am not to do, will be popular. Crowds of people will hasten anywhere if a man will set up commandments, human commandments.”

    “It is much easier to do what some one else thinks I ought to do, than to find out what God wants me to do.”

    “If a man yield himself to commands laid upon him by another; his unutterable folly is manifested, first of all, in his forgetfulness of the infinite marvel of his own being.”

    “Man in his nature is infinite, and therefore no man can legislate for himself, or for his brother man; and when a man binds himself by the traditions that have come to him from his fathers, or from other men, how does he crush and break and imprison his own soul!”

    “Traditions of the elders are conceptions, ideas, views from the past; and men are under the tyranny of these traditions.”

    Do not be afraid.

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