A Response from John Dehlin

Since I personally named John Dehlin in a previous post, I thought it only appropriate to direct people to his response. I wrote earlier that I had reservations about some of the expressions of unbelief that are now starting to shape and define Mormonism (or more precisely LDSism).

In this episode of Mormon Stories, John explains the past, present and future of his project. No one should assume John recorded this episode in response to my post, but he speaks to my concerns nonetheless.

Listen here or go to Mormon Stories to listen.

John expresses his desire to not have an agenda for anyone as he moves forward. I don’t know that he can successfully escape it. He still has an agenda, it’s just different now. Instead of informing people about the peculiarities of Mormon history, his agenda is to expand the definition of “Mormonism” and make it more inclusive.


One thought on “A Response from John Dehlin

  1. Interesting podcast. I appreciate his goal to expand the definition of Mormonism. I’m impressed with John Dehlin. He seems like a very sincere, caring person.

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