Theology Matters

Following up on two of my most recent posts comes this clever little video


3 thoughts on “Theology Matters

  1. I like this video, I am generally a theology basher, but this video reaffirmed a point that I have pushed aside a bit. Everyone is a theologian of sorts, and I don’t have a problem with theology in general but a big problem with the philosophical theology that is generally practiced.

    I have had a post brewing on this subject for months and I may eventually spend the time to put it up. Maybe this video is enough of a goad.

  2. I like the idea that knowledge doesn’t have to be dry. This, to me, includes the idea that things are going to be messy, at times.

    Messy knowledge is good. Messy makes knowledge interesting. Messy creates cognitive dissonance. Messy knowledge makes us thirst after more knowledge.

    And, despite what the cliche claims, ignorance is not bliss.

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