Disturbing Adultery

When did Shawn McCraney commit adultery?  Was it with Lynn Wilder?  Why did Bob Lonsberry aid them in their adulterous scandal?

Shawn McCraney, Lynn Wilder and Bob Lonsberry all have two things in common.  The first is that they are all former Mormons. The second is that people find my blog searching for their names and  the word “adultery.”  I noticed this trend and was quite disgusted by it.

It says one thing about a person that the only reason they can conceive that some one is not in the LDS church is that they must have committed adultery.  It says quite another thing that the same person gets on the internet to dig up the dirt.  Why not search to see if they are pedophiles or pornographers?  Perhaps they went to rehab or were planning  to assassinate someone.

I have no reason to believe that Shawn McCraney, Lynn Wilder or Bob Lonsberry committed adultery.  It’s frankly not my business and if you’re searching the interwebs for the sordid details of their personal lives, shame on you. If they did sin in some way, it’s between God, the victim and themselves. Leave it alone and stop searching.

For what it’s worth, Shawn McCraney and Lynn Wilder have both been quite open about their reasons for leaving the church.  You can find out all about Shawn here and Lynn here.

For my regular readers, I’ll hope you’ll excuse this post that’s not meant for you.  I just want to capitalize on my ability to be the top search hit for these specific terms.

28 thoughts on “Disturbing Adultery

  1. When my brother first started questioning the Church, he made apoint of telling everyone that he was not offended and he did not commit adultery.

    People immediately started speculating as to whether he had committed adultery and with whom. It was ridiculous.

  2. Tim I do not know if you know this but adultery is a very serious sin in Mormonism. In the Book of Mormon it says that adultery id the sin next to murder. I do not think that means next to mureder like it sits next to murder on the bus or something but it is almost as bad as murder I do not think sins would all ride on a bus together.

    Tim if you are committing the sin of adultery with one of these people you are talking about doing adultery with, I know that it is a serious sin. Would you murder thesepeople? I do not think that you would. Then you should not commit the sin of adultery.

    I have ead the Book of Mormon all the way throughand I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it says that adultery is a very serious sin next to murder. With all my heart. In the name of thy son Jesus Christ AMEN.

  3. Coming out of lurkation for a moment just to say that I call BS on Gigs being real. Smells like a parody to me; and a bad one at that.

  4. Oooh, Awesome.
    I took Tim’s post as an invitation to google “Shawn McCraney commit adultery? Was it with Lynn Wilder? Why did Bob Lonsberry”. I would have never thought about it before Tim give me the idea.

  5. Rachel had some of the indicia of reliability. . .

    (yikes, did I really write that? I think I am reading too many judicial opinions)

    I have never met a Mormon who talked like Gag.

  6. Agreed Jared C.
    I’ve met plenty of Evangelicals who do though, falsely trying to “parrot” or falsely imitate Mormons. P.S. what’s indicia?

  7. P.S. what’s indicia?

    I have been trying to figure what they are out all day. It seems that they are elusive criteria that are generally lacking when the defense wants to submit exculpatory hearsay evidence but there in spades when the prosecution wants to admit hearsay to send somebody up the river.

    . . . normal people might call them “indicators” but latinizing the term makes it more justifiable to charge a lot to think about them.

  8. Along these lines, the creepiest search to hit my blog was, “who did shawn mccraney have sex with?” Um . . . probably his wife, pervert.

  9. Posts like these make me wish that blogger had a more easily-accessible, convenient way to track what brings people to my blog. I may convince my wife to jump ship with me and move our blog to wordpress, but then, there is the problem of transferring the old posts and their comments.


  10. I resent your diatribe about everyone searching for information about Shawn McCraney under the word, “adultery”, is simply seeking sensationalism. I have reviewed many websites trying very simply, to obtain an autobiography of some type about McCreaney with no success! Before I involve myself with McCraneys information, I want to know what his current religious affiliations are. With me, that goes a very long way in determining if he has anything valuable to offer to anyone. Any info you can offer on this?

  11. Tim — Your effort at SEO appears to be effective. I just looked up those three names with the word “adultery” on Google and Bing, and your site placed in the top two for five of the six searches. I’m impressed.

  12. Mary, it would be a strange way to research McCraney’s autobiography to search with the word “adultery”. I imagine the term “autobiography” would yield more results. It’d also be strange to use the word “adultery” to discover his religious affiliations. I’m curious what search terms you used to discover this post. Clearly if you were directed here without hopes of discovering salacious details, there is no need for you to think this post was directed at you.

    You can hear McCraney deliver a partial autobiography via his Mormon Stories intereview:

    Or, you can read his autobiography: http://www.bornagainmormon.com/book/

  13. Mormon Stories 126 is exactly how I ended up here. McCraney mentioned Fashion Design at BYU and then says something to the effect that ‘contrary to what some people say on the internet, homosexuality was not the sin that caused my excommunication’ — without telling us what sin was. By the way, I googled “Shawn McCraney’s sin” to get here and haven’t the foggiest clue who Lynn Wilder and Bob Lonsberry are.

  14. FYI–I cam across your blog just doing a search for Shawn McCraney and as I was typing his name in Explorer pre-filled it with his name and “adultery.” At this point I thought “oooh, someone’s saying SM is an adulterer? This must be pro-LDS site trying to smear him. I wonder how they’re spinning this.”

    Instead, it’s just you trying to smear your readers. Nice.

  15. Sara:

    He’s not trying to smear his readers. He’s trying to get hits on his blog. And because he can’t get legitimate hits he’ll settle for salacious ones and then act like a supercilious prig who’s too good to wallow in the what he uses to lure readers.

  16. This may be one of my favorite trolls of all time. He/She used a fake email address of one of the people mentioned in the post. I’m just trying to figure out who we know from Richmond.

  17. And for some reason, the ONLY Mormon I can think of in Richmond is a rather well known author who has a penchant for big words. Could it be. . . ?

  18. I thought this article was written by a scientologist but it turned out to be Mormons instead. Hard to tell the difference with such BS. Same tactics tho.

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