Christ Among the Dragons

Stand to Reason recently interviewed with James Emery White about his new book “Christ Among the Dragons” and I was really encouraged about it.  He discusses the issues facing the Evangelical world in the future, the causes of the problems we face today and the way to engage the culture.

What I really appreciate is that White is confronting issues I’ve been struggling with head on.  His insights into how Christians think about truth and why it fails to communicate are so apropos for our postmodern world.  I particularly like his thoughts on renewing the culture rather than retaking it.

I hope you can listen, and yes, there’s even a brief discussion on how all of this relates to Mormonism.

Direct link for download.  The interview was part of a larger program from Stand to Reason found here.


2 thoughts on “Christ Among the Dragons

  1. Just to clarify: this is a different James White than Alpha & Omega Ministries James White (author of Is the Mormon My Brother?).

  2. FYI, if you want to get just the immediate context of the Mormon comments (it’s quite brief), start listening somewhere after the 27-minute mark.

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