A Reading of Romans

I heard Dr. Millett propose something that I’d like to give a try in our own forum. He suggested that someday he’d like to see Mormons and Evangelicals getting together to study the Book of Romans without shedding an ounce of their own convictions. Starting next week I’d like to do that here on this blog. I could write every post but I recognize how skewed that will make the study. So I’d like to invite any of my regular readers to read a chapter in Romans and then write a review for discussion based on that chapter. It doesn’t have to be a full theological treatise, just about 3-5 paragraphs of summary and reflection. I’d like the author of each post to explain how her own religious background interprets and applies each passage. Ideally each post would be released after two or three days of the last one. Would you consider signing up in the comment section for one of the following chapters?

Romans 1 – October 11 by Tim
Romans 2 – October 13 by Eric
Romans 3 – October 16 by Katie L.
Romans 4 – October 18 by Kullervo
Romans 5 – October 19 by David Clark
Romans 6 – October 22 by TheOldAdam
Romans 7 – October 24 by KatyJane
Romans 8 – October 26 by Seth R.
Romans 9 – November 1 by Aaron S.
Romans 10 – November 3 by Sarah
Romans 11 – November 6 by Tim
Romans 12 – November 10 by Jared C.
Romans 13 – November 12 by Todd Wood
Romans 14 – November 15 by Brian J.
Romans 15 – November 18 by Alex T. Valencic
Romans 16 – November 22 by Ms. Jack

UPDATE 11/22/2010: Added links to the completed series.


38 thoughts on “A Reading of Romans

  1. I don’t really qualify under either evangelical or Mormon, but I would be happy to do 5 or 12. If you are really hard up for volunteers, I could do both.

  2. Just put my name by one of the chapters that nobody else has taken, and I’ll be glad to do it.

  3. I’ll take chapter 8.

    I was thinking of tackling chapters 2 or 3 because the topic of justification is something I could use more study on, but oh well.

    8 it is.

  4. I’m certainly not a regular commenter and my review will probably be dull; but I’m definitely a mormon and I’d be glad to take a chapter.

  5. Hey John, Why don’t you hang out and comment on some of the other chapters first. Once we get to know you a little bit better I’ll feel more comfortable allowing you to author a post.


  6. Tim,

    Did Millet give any indications as to why he chose the Book of Romans for his hypothetical group study?

    I only ask because I don’t think I have seen the average LDS person be very comfortable with the Book of Romans. It would seem to be a discussion favoring Evangelicals. Lest anyone think I am being discriminatory, if you substitute the Book of James for the Book of Romans, Evangelicals and Mormons switch roles and it favors Mormons.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to discuss Romans, I just would have thought he would pick an epistle where both sides seem to be comfortable, such as 1 Corinthians.

  7. Don’t know. Maybe because he was in a largely Evangelical audience. Maybe because he’s more Evangelical than Mormon when it comes to Romans. Maybe because he’s a secret government spy.

  8. I hope the other evangelicals don’t hate me for saying this, but . . .

    If this goes well, perhaps we could pick a Protestant-esque book in the Book of Mormon and do a similar study.

    Or we could follow up with a study of a book in the Bible that Mormons tend to like better. James, for example.

  9. I’m kinda busy the next several weeks, but I’d be happy to take any of the chapters slotted for November. I don’t have a particular preference, so if you’re up for letting me have a go at it, just pick one for me!

  10. I’ll do one! Tim, just assign me one, because while I’ve read Romans a few times, I can’t really remember what all goes down in it… 🙂

  11. I’ll do one! Tim, just assign me one, because while I’ve read Romans a few times, I can’t really remember what all goes down in it…

    Ditto. Just sign me up for any ol’ chapter.

  12. I can do Romans 9. I’m actually preaching on Reformation Sunday (31st) partly on it.

  13. You should dress up as Martin Luther and go around, nailing lists of theses on peoples’ doors and asking them for candy.

    And I’m pretty sure there’s a hilarious communion wafer joke in there somewhere, but I just can’t sort it out.

  14. Katie L. ~ So just to clarify, the date on the list above means we need to “turn in our assignment” by then, yes?

    Yes, and if anyone gets theirs done early, that’s fine, too. We can set posts to publish at a later date.

  15. Aand if anyone gets theirs done early, that’s fine, too. We can set posts to publish at a later date.

    WordPress = a magical tool invented, I think, by God Himself. 🙂

  16. May I have Chapter 14?

    “you’re absolutely regular enough”

    Although, I rescind if by taking a chapter I’m also agreeing to have Tim check to see if I’m “regular.”

  17. To be fair, you can set posts to publish at later dates with blogger/blogspot, as well.

    Still haven’t figured out how to take everything from blogspot and transfer to a wordpress account. I do like the interface for wordpress way more than blogspot’s.

  18. There is a way to do it though–I transplanted my old liberal political blog into wordpress years ago before I gave up on it. I just don’t remember how.

  19. Hi Bart,

    Same goes for you as for John Scherer. Hang out and comment so that we can all get to know you. I’d be happy to let you author a post once I get to know you better.

  20. I am a late comer.

    Hmmm . . .

    Romans 11? or Romans 13?

    It is hard to choose. They are both so powerful.

    If I pick chapter 11, it wraps up the first 11 chapters with a powerful, theological climax.

    If I pick chapter 13, I get to pick on Glenn Beck and the tea party revolutionaries.

    This is tough.

    Ok. Tim, would you allow me to write a few thoughts on chapter 13? Love fulfills it all.

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