The Changing World of Mormonism

I recently received news of this seminar put on by the Biola Christian Apologetics program. Carl Mosser is the co-editor of “The New Mormon Challenge“.

September 22-24
La Mirada, California

with Carl Mosser, PH.D. and others

September 22 – 24, 2011
Thursday & Friday 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Business Building, Room 103
Biola University
13800 Biola Avenue
La Mirada, CA 90639
Cost: $65
Register now:


9 thoughts on “The Changing World of Mormonism

  1. New Mormon Challenge helped me come to the conclusion that engagement with Mormons outside of the local church are doomed to fail.

  2. I think that an apolitical argument must be based on your system of doctrine. In The New Mormon Challenge you have theological and philosophical arguments from various traditions inside broader American evangelicalism. From each perspective they were valid and coherent arguments, but they remain coupled to the theological presuppositions of the author.

    I believe when engaging Mormons we need more than just well reasoned apologetics we also need a positive presentation of the doctrine that supports the apologetic. This is where the local church comes into play. The local church has, or should have, a system of doctrine that underlies everything they do. From worship to evangelism doctrine supports the how and the why.

    New Mormon Challenge showed that there are reasonable answers from particular theological traditions in evangelicalism. The local church should assess those answers based on their system of doctrine and then apply them in a way that is compatible with presenting the Gospel.

    I’m not saying that New Mormon Challenge was a bad book or that the apolitic was no good. I enjoyed the book. What I saw when I read the book was the importance of being able to explain the theology behind the argument and I think that is best accomplished in the context of a local church. I think evangelicals have either approached Mormonism as a go it alone proposition or handed it off to para-church organizations, neither are presented as options in the Bible.

  3. I would tend to agree with Gundek, it is difficult to engage people in your religion on a purely doctrinal level. Evangelicalism in theory, outside the context of their worship and practice is not very appealing to the average Mormon, and there are plenty of conceptual ways to dismiss it.

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