Four Points of the Movement

I recently watched this lecture presented by Mark Driscoll entitled “Four Points of the Movement”. It was delivered to a conference of theologically reformed pastors and leaders.

I’m not part of the Reformed movement but I really enjoyed how Driscoll spoke to a number of issues facing Evangelicalism. Contextualization and Missional have been big buzz words for Evangelicals for a number of years and he speaks right to the heart of them. I was surprised to hear him take on cessastionism (the belief that the spiritual gifts are no longer in use) in the way he did. Direct and controversial as always, Driscoll gives a good snapshot of contemporary Evangelicalism and the ways he intends to confront the issues

7 thoughts on “Four Points of the Movement

  1. I listened, and while I don’t agree with everything (I’m neither complementarian, nor Calvinist) he is an entertaining and lively speaker.

    One thing I noticed that he continually drives home is the problem of young males, morality, and belief. I commend him for at least attempting to address a problem that for the most part goes unaddressed. As an egalitarian, I have issues with how he goes about the issue of young males, i.e. that they need to be told to man up and assume their proper role of male headship. But I also haven’t seen this problem addressed at all from an egalitarian standpoint. Am I missing something? Do egalitarians not view this as a problem at all or one they should be dealing with?

    I’m all for telling young women to enter the pastorate and utilize their spiritual gifts, but I’d hate to see young men fall by the wayside in the process.

  2. Driscoll is one of those people that I disagree with most of the time – but can’t stay away. I loved his sermon about Stephanie Meyers, Twilight and the satanic roots of Mormonism – completely baseless, but very entertaining.

    Thanks for sharing Tim.

  3. Yeah the problem with Driscoll is that he says everything with the same level of passion and conviction regardless of how well informed or convinced he is. He gave a similar review of “the Shack” without reading the book.

  4. Soon I will be hearing Driscoll at the September Grace Agenda Conference led by Douglas Wilson up in Moscow, Idaho. It should be very interesting.

  5. I sometimes wonder if Driscoll is a cessationist plant, some of his recent revelations have not done his position well.

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