A new resource for those transitioning out of the LDS faith and into historic Christianity was recently released. I haven’t had the opportunity to review it in depth but it seems like a valuable tool.

This is an example of one of the video chapters


4 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. Good for him.

    What little bit I saw seemed to take the flip side of President Hinckley’s “let us add to what you already have” approach (that’s a compliment). I thought the stats they used were interesting, although I have no idea how accurate they were when compiled or are now.

  2. I’ve got a buddy who was LDS. Tied to a strong LDS family S.E. Idaho. Became an evangelical Christian. Now a minister in the PCA. He tipped me to LDS Transitions, where he hopes to utilize much in the days ahead. Linked me back to John Morehead. Somethings I have disagreed with Morehead. But watching this video brought tears to my eyes tonight. Thanks.

    Recognized one of the churches in the video. I went there in the past for a Compassionate Boldness conference.

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