All He Does is Win

For being an Evangelical blogger, my coverage of this has been pathetically lagging, but I think this sums up the situation.



7 thoughts on “All He Does is Win

  1. Great!
    I like the way he speaks out for Jesus. Maybe his prayers are more powerful than the prayers of those pulling for the opposition.
    Let’s see how he fairs THIS weekend!

  2. Fortunately Tebow doesn’t see it like that.

    I’m curious if you think Muhammad Ali or Sandy Koufax were offering “more powerful” prayers than their opponents.

    As far as I know, the power doesn’t belong to the person praying, it belongs to the object of the prayers.

  3. The problem with that sort of thinking is that we can end up with a “prosperity gospel” that suggests that prosperity (of whatever kind) is a sign of righteousness.

    I don’t know anything about this Tebow guy (never heard of him until his name came up in the Republican debate a few days ago), but if he’s a great athlete I assume it’s because he has worked hard at it. I don’t think God cares any more than I do which team wins or loses.

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