Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus (LDS Version)

A counterpoint. . .


6 thoughts on “Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus (LDS Version)

  1. I’d like to see quality submissions on the other possible permutations of this meme:

    Why Jesus hates me but loves religion
    Why I love religion but hate Jesus
    Why I hate your Jesus but love mine
    Why mine is the religion you love to hate.

  2. Love it!
    How anyone can fail to see that the LDS is Christian after listening to that video is beyond me.
    Thanks for running it, Tim.

  3. I think it’s a much more logically coherent entry than the original video. I would rather see someone try to make a case for religion (as this video does) than create an artificial dichotomy between “religion” and “Jesus.” Not that his arguments are all that stalwart—Mormons tossing around Ephesians 4:5 as a proof-text against other Christians means about as much to me as counter-cultists tossing around Revelation 22:18 as a proof-text against Mormonism—but I get that there’s only so much one can fit into a rap, so well done. Shame that the video is so poorly shot and edited.

  4. I agree with Ms. Jack on Ephesians 4:5 & Revelation 22:18.

    However, saying that making a dichotomy between “religion” and “Jesus” is artificial fails recognize how differently one group defines the word than another group. I find that this sort of failure is a major reason evangelicals and Mormons fail to understand, and therefore, accept each other.

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