Fresh Start

I was really encouraged to find this introduction to a class called “Fresh Start”. The class is for those transitioning out of Mormonism and into Evangelical Christianity. I’m very glad to see that churches in Utah understand the voyage many are on and are providing resources for that journey. I think the tone and intention of this video is just right. You can hear the content of the class here.


7 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. What Judy is doing is great. Along these same lines you should also be aware of the new Transitions curriculum released last fall.
    The fact is that people are leaving Mormonism – for whatever reason. Many of the churches here in Utah are learning how to help these people find a new spiritual home in a very positive way.

  2. pretty cool idea.. thousands leaving, esp now that so much if the wall of secrecy is down due to the open web..

  3. Well, I’d rather have them in religion than out of it.

    Atheism just winds being such a negative paradigm. It almost feels like giving up on society.

  4. The genuine nature of this vid is very refreshing. She really leaves no room for bitterness and offense. I can really see love in her delivery and message. That’s a nice change and I applaud her efforts.

    However, I thought is wasn’t about a personal relationship? I’m not denying that the LDS Church has a big problem with hollow institutional allegiance (esp. in Utah), but one could easily say, let’s get back to the basics of the BoM and recent GC talks – all of which emphasize a relationship with God/Jesus. The Heights Community could very easily be a group of non-Trinitarian Mormons.

    (just to be clear, I’m not pressing the “who’s a true Christian?” question, just trying to nail down what non-Mormons can offer that is not already *possible* within Mormonism)

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