Reliable Word

Greg Koukl, host of Stand to Reason, interviewed Dr. Daniel Wallace this past week. They were able to discuss the reliability of the Bible, Bart Ehrman and the challenges he presents and the recent discovery of some of the oldest New Testament manuscripts ever found. Wallace gives more details on this discovery than I’ve heard before but promises there are secrets to be revealed.

Direct Download (57 min.)

I found the discussion invaluable and I need to take the time to listen to it again. Wallace’s scholarship and confidence in the New Testament are encouraging.

8 thoughts on “Reliable Word

  1. which brings up a question I have. A Mormon recently indicated to me that he believes the Bible has contradictions in it. Eric or somebody, is that the LDS position? If so, could you name a few of the purported contradictions?

  2. I don’t believe that the LDS Church itself has an official position of where or whether there are contradictions in the existing Bible text.

  3. Great topic.

    Here’s is what I thought was a terrific class on Biblical inerrancy:

    [audio src="" /]

    I hope that some of you might have time to listen to it.

    There are some great points in it as to why we don’t need an inerrant text. Or more precisely, why God doesn’t need an inerrant text of Scripture to accomplish His perfect and infallible will…for sinners.


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