Phase One

It may appear that “Phase One” of the church’s inoculation strategy has begun with the publication of the Joseph Smith Papers. This video is an advertisement for book sales but nonetheless officially produced by the church.

The most important part of the differences between the four accounts is not mentioned in the video (did Joseph see angels, an embodied God or and embodied Father and Son), but it’s good to see the church encourage people to read the various accounts on their own.

5 thoughts on “Phase One

  1. They did put most of this information in the Ensign years ago.

    And that should be good enough for anyone. I mean, I told my wife years ago that I loved her. What’s all this baloney about having to revisit the issue from time to time? Love is love, been there, done that, right?

    It’s also a pretty standard practice for the LDS church to do this too. Years ago I saw an article on tithing in the Ensign. I haven’t seen or heard anything on the subject in all of the intervening years. Publish it once and assume the message is received and understood is pretty much standard operating procedure in the LDS church.

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