Lutheran Satire

A video was recently posted in the comments of this blog (thanks Gundek). I thought it was pretty funny and recognized the characters from another video I posted about the Trinity. I decided to explore the YouTube channel to discover what else the author had to say about Mormonism. These are just a sampling of what I found:

I wondered where he gained all the energy to say so much about Mormonism. I discovered the answer at the end of this video

And to be sure, he takes some swipes at Evangelicals as well


28 thoughts on “Lutheran Satire

  1. The one on creeds was pretty good. The makers of these videos tend to be a bit self-righteous, at times (I guess we all can be)…but they mean well.

  2. Most of the non-denom. types have disdain for creeds.

    They say all we need is the Bible. Even though every line in the 3 main Christian creeds come directly out of Scripture.

    We view the Creeds sort of like greeting cards. They say what we want to say (been thought out very well) without us having to wing it all the time.

  3. Christian,

    Friend’s of my wife moved into the area and visited our church, when they joined another congregation, I asked if they minded telling me why they chose to worship elsewhere. First on the list was reciting historic creeds, second was a public corporate confession of sin.

  4. I think it is pretty easy for people like me who worship in confessional churches to look down on people who don’t. There is a teaching issue and a patience issue and charity required when talking about confessionalism. When you live in an anti-authoritarian country you should be ready to explain, re-explain, re-re-explain the role and use of the confession as a tried and tested explanation of what the Bible teaches.

  5. Gundek,

    Did your wife’s friend not go to your church because of the Creeds and the confession of sin?

    ( they didn’t choose the other church because they did these things…right?…but because they didn’t do them )

  6. Yeah, that wasn’t clear to me either, Gundek: you’re saying that your wife’s friend chose a different church because your church had the creeds and confession of sin?

  7. Excuse my poor writing. They chose a different church because the congregation I attend recites the apostles and Nicene creeds and we recite a corporate confession of sin.

  8. One holy catholic apostolic church can be startling I guess. I think it is becoming more common these days to reject the begotten clause.

    I asked they answered and I wasn’t going to re fight the worship wars over BBQ.

  9. Isn’t the Deeds not Creeds a Saddleback catchphrase?

    Rick Warren:

    “I’m looking for a second reformation. The first reformation of the church 500 years ago was about beliefs. This one is going to be about behavior. The first one was about creeds. This one is going to be about deeds. It is not going to be about what does the church believe, but about what is the church doing.” (

    See more at:

  10. After watching the creeds video, its obvious he is not overtly challenging Saddleback. But the anti-creed attitude among many “post-traditional” Christians does seem to significantly undermine the purpose and power of traditional theology.

  11. But the anti-creed attitude among many “post-traditional” Christians does seem to significantly undermine the purpose and power of traditional theology.

    My understanding is that ambivalence about the Creeds has been a minor but recurring issue among Protestants since the Reformation.

    But as usual, I don’t even know what you mean by “traditional theology” or its “purpose and power,” and I don’t think you really do either.

  12. Traditional theology = that theology hich provides the philosophical foundation of creeds.

    Purpose = creating a consistent and unified view of God that is ostensibly justified by reason ans scripture.

    Power = creates a unified community of believers with a common parlance of the nature of deity.

  13. Do I take you to mean that the creeds have no purpose or power?

    If so, please inform my Mormon ignorance as to what “real” Christians think these are.

  14. “Traditional theology = that theology hich provides the philosophical foundation of creeds.”

    That is a quite modernist view of theology.

  15. ok, then I have a modernist view of Christian theology. I think it’s hard to have a post-Modern theology that also remains Christian.

  16. Kullervo

    Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears are two that have recently denied the “eternally begotten” in their book Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe.

    I agree that it is a serious denial.

  17. What modern assumptions are needed for Christianity?

    I guess I agree with Kant on these questions. But its hard to put that view into a blog comment.

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