God & Science

Biola University recently hosted an forum where the toughest scientific challenges to Christianity were fielded by William Lane Craig, JP Moreland and John Lennox. I thought the discussion was as candid as you could hope. Topics covered included the multiverse, the problem of the God in the gaps, historical Adam & Eve, and human sex with neanderthals. Hugh Hewitt moderated and kept the conversation lively and challenging.

3 thoughts on “God & Science

  1. Although I have not being able to finish watching this video, I want to thank you for posting it.
    Very, very interesting and I think might needs to rewind and watch more than one time.
    I think my husband will also enjoy it.
    Have you by any chance, read Lennox’s book on Daniel? Will look for it.

  2. I watched the whole presentation. Lennox was brilliant. It’s good to know there are Christians who think like me on the subjects especially taking a stand on the evolution of man. Too many Christians have fallen for the “God created man from a lower life form” theory.

    I always clarify when using the term “science” in this type of topic to mean what it actually is and isn’t. Origins such as Astronomy, Archeology and Geology are what I term as “speculative science”. Science, in the real meaning of the word, is something which is testable and many of the things involved in origins is just not testable. I have found that science origins is built on assumptions on top of assumptions with few verifiable facts in between.

    Years ago, I started investigating origin science. I went in, per usual, with an open mind, merely seeking the truth. I looked at all arguments from many different thinkings outside of main stream science as well as within science. Incidentally, I didn’t know the official LDS view for many years, as there was no easy way to find it out back then. I did know LDS scholars were not in agreement on the subject which led me to investigate further. I was very surprised at the results of my reading and studying.

    This led me to the evolution & creation debate. I drew conclusions here too. Both camps are identical in that they both have serious problems with their paradigms and with the intentional ignoring of relevant information. As a consequence, I don’t have a lot of respect for either group but I still consider any evidence they bring forth since they are the ones doing the field work.

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