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For ten years this blog served as a place to explore thoughts and questions about Evangelical Christianity and Mormonism. Those reading and commenting came from a number of different worldviews but mostly represented different strains of Protestantism and Mormonism (yes there are different strains of Mormonism). For a number of different reasons I stopped writing new posts.

A friend recently told me that he’s started reading the blog and that prompted me to decide to collect some of the highlights into one place. Some of the post are still popular because the other authors and I figured out various ways to title our posts to catch search traffic on various topics. Other times we were looking to inspire a lot of comments and wrote provocative posts. This list isn’t a list of most popular or most commented. It’s what I think should endure. When people continue to pass through they can see what was best here and where they can learn the most.

We Push Them Out . .  Into What? 
One of the first posts that caught the attention of the Bloggernacle.  I had noticed the propensity for ex-Mormons to reject Christianity entirely and wondered if Evangelical polemics against Mormonism had a responsibility.

An Open Letter to Fellow Evangelicals
A core tenet of Mormon theology is that Mormonism can and does change.  Whether Mormons recognize it or not Mormonism is in a transition phase.  It’s important for Evangelicals to understand how and why Mormonism is changing.

The Nature of God Illustrated
A set of illustrations to help explain the nature of deity (What is a god?) described by various worldviews.

Evangelicals, Theosis & Exaltation
Mormons believe that a man can become a god. Orthodox Christians believe that a man can become like God.  Are the two teaching the same thing or is the doctrine of Theosis being blurred to justify the doctrine of Exaltation?

What Evangelicals Now Need to Know About Mormonism
What you’ve been told may not be the most important thing to know when it comes to understanding how Mormons practice their faith.

What Mormons Should Know About Evangelicals
What are the key things Mormons tend to misunderstand about Evangelicals.  Written by an active Mormon.

How to Witness to Mormon Missionaries
They come to your door and ask you to join their religion.  How can you ask them to join your religion?

What Mormons Should Look For in a New Church
An Ex-Mormon discusses his search for a new church in which to practice Christianity after becoming disaffected with Mormonism for intellectual reasons.

Answering Greg Trimble’s 51 Questions
A conservative, Mormon gadfly posted a shotgun lists of questions that Evangelicals can’t adequately answer from Mormons.  I accepted the challenge and gave my best to give him answers.

If my regular readers remember some other posts that should be included in this list please remind me in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Highlights

  1. Thanks for doing this, Tim. As the activity here was winding down my professional responsibilities changed and I couldn’t participate as much, but I still read every post and most of the comments. I learned a lot here from everyone.

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