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“Me & Mormons” is an ongoing series where Tim shares stories of his encounters with various LDS members throughout his life. They are meant to share an Evangelical viewpoint of LDS doctrine and proselytizing activity.

Me & Mormons — Part 1

Me & Mormons — Part 2

Me & Mormons — Part 3

Me & Mormons — Part 4

Me & Mormons — Part 5

Me & Mormons — Part 6

Me & Mormons — Part 7

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  2. I was looking for your newest feed and unable to find it, but found this comment place, decided that this was good enough to send you some comments.

    Did the Nephites and Lamanites ever exist? Yes, the Nephites are a living people whom we know as the Iroquois and Hurons of the Great Lakes area. They are the only indian nation that i know of which fit the description of shaving their heads adn dressing as in the Book of Mormon. Mexican and South American didnt that I know of. They also have a very lengthy epic of the Peacemaker who was born of a young woman sent here by the Creator to bring peace to the warring nations. The Grand Council uses a pnuematic tool called a condolence cane on which over ALL the houses of the Haudenosaunee is what looks like a Jewish Candelabra called a Menorah. The Iroquois are a lighter skinned people than other indians and the Seneca are known to be freckled and red hair which might point more to Norsement than Hebrews. Of course they have traced the Knights Templar to the US as well, so that could have some effect as well. JS published the BM in 1830. That is the year the Seneca whom he lived among was put on the reservations in Oklahoma and Canada. JS was 30 at that time, Right? My point being that if JS grew up here, then for 30 years he heard these stories before any plates arrived on the scene.

    Were the Mayan the Nephites? Highly doubtful. For the above reason and because the Hill Commorah is in New York behind JS homestead. That is where he found the plates, So please tell me why would Moroni lug all that weight from South America or Mexico all the way to New York just to put them in the ground?

    Because the archeological facts of the Book of Mormon do not fit anything in NY… yeah that would be a good reason.

    However I want to give you a website;

    This is operated by Maggid Ben Yosief, a Cherokee who was given a commission to come to America by the New Reformed Sanhedrin to collect the children of Rachel through Joseph. They are doing extensive DNA among the nations and so far have found what they are looking for among the Hopi and the Cherokee. Which is not Mayan although are cousins. There is a prophecy that the Condor Nations will return to the Eagle Nations and become one people again one day. Condor represents who we know as Mexicans and the Eagle are those of the US and Canada.

    So paintings should be like the Anazazi not the Mayan. Or maybe like the Mound Builders… but not Mayan.

    Now you will find that the Native American and the Hebrew followed similar laws… most of which are not mentioned in the Book of Mormon such as the moontime laws. Both Jews and Indians have special ceremonies for women at this time. Book of Mormon peoples never did. Well, lets face it … the Bof M doesnt say a whole lot about women. Cochtaw lanquage is suppose to be very Hebrew. The 10 commandments in Hebrew are carved into the canyon wall near the Hopi. Their beliefs from Eskimo Land to the tip of Chili are very similar, unlike Christianity who can’t agree on much of anything and they have a book.

    Native Americans however do agree, and you will find most of their differences are in actual ceremony. The one thing that is huge for Native Americans is that the Earth is a sentinent being with her very own soul, all animals have souls, even the plants and rocks have souls.

    I dont remember anything about that in the Book of Mormon. I do remember that JS stated that everything had a degree of intelligence or Enoch could not have commanded the mountains to fall onthe enemy, nor Moses part the Red Sea… however “intelligence” is not the same thing as having a soul. And that is HUGE among Native Americans. ANY book about Indian religion and spirituality would HAVE TO HAVE THAT IN IT…

    Which church has the truth? Well all churches miss the mark and I will explain. Churches cause division. They cause judgment.. I am right you are wrong… and Jesus said not to judge. But Christianity could not be Christianity if you do not judge… think…. You are gay. You are bad. My God is the right one. My rules are the right ones. You have to have my baptism. Division.. separateness… continuing the separateness from God Creator. and fight and fight over it,,, even kill over it.

    Native Americans did not do this, for the most part. Your spirit connection to God was YOURS and no one told you were doing it wrong. I dont believe they ever fought a war to make others believe in their God. That is why people who were “touched” by Creator such as mental, retarded or gay, were special honored people. Not outcasts to be hated and made even more separated. Indians had a live and let live philosophy. What wars they fought were with bows and arrows, or in the case of the Iroquois by a game of Lacross, so “anhilation” was not the same as with gatlin guns.

    Do they teach that the Earth has a soul? The bible says so Job 12:6-8 Do they teach that everything in Creation has a soul? Do they teach that everything is part of the whole? That we are all one? That what we do to any part we do to the whole? Native Americans call this teaching the Sacred Hoop.

    Do churches teach anything about other dimensions that co-exist here with our physical dimension? Indians do. they are called Medicine men who astral travel, and incorporate hundreds of miles away into a second physcial body, or travel into other domains to retreive medicines and knowledge. They also talk to the Earth and communicate with birds and animals. The spirits actively communicate and participate with Indians. I dont know any Christian churches that teach about this.

    Do Churches teach how to develop your spiritual DNA.. the Mormons come close claiming that all are Gods, but what are they teaching you to help you aquire this?

    Isaiah ascended. Enoch adn the whole city ascended. Ezekeil Ascended. Moses Ascended. While yet in the flesh… Moses came from Egypt. Egypt had an underground city of 300 initiates who had gained ascension. They found this city of legend about 10 yrs ago, along with an extensive Library which covered earths history for a million years. (Kinda debunks the 5000 year teaching) The Ascended masters had grown to number 8,000 but they left the earth when we got so dense during the dark ages.. Now they did this WITHOUT THE BLOOD AND SACRIFICE OF CHRIST. Hummmm just mentioning that.

    The temples of the Egyptians were for initiations to teach people how to ascend… to by pass death and live as long as you wanted to. I dont know for sure what the Jewish Temples were for, but the Zohar has amazing information in it that taught a lot of the same Egyptian information. Moses probably brought with him when he left Egypt. Moses, if you remember was raised an Egyptian Prince so he would have had all those advantages INCLUDING THE INITIATE SCHOOL. Even yet when Christ came they had this information BUT Constantine in 400 AD had to make sure this ascension information was made unavailable so we got the Bible. You cant rule a people if they know they can attain ascension without your dogma and priests. During the time of the inquisition, those on an ascesion path were murdered, however the Masons and the Knight Templars still retained some of the information.
    That may be why it was made a death sentence to reveal what they knew.

    So now the Mayan Temples… don’t know what they were used for, but since they were built by the descendants of Atlantis the same as Egypts Temples, they probably were also Ascension Initiation Temples as well… so how does this compare to the Mormon Temples… not one iota. Not even one particle the same… oh wait a moment. JS was a Mason, and those rites came from Egypt Mystery School and were so sacred at one time that they killed anyone who divulged them… so there might be some similarities in the “secret” ceremonies but the Mormon Temples do not teach you ascension while still in the flesh. Nope!!!!

  3. Hello. I’m writing my first novel. It’s about a Mormon missionary whose schizophrenia erupts on his mission. I’m at the part of the book where the missionaries are encountering all sorts of “odd” people in their tracting. Specifically, they will share the gospel with a crazy street person, two Jehovah’s Witnesses and some rural good ol’ boy sawmill workers. Have you heard of any such meetings being chronicled anywhere — a book or magazine or website or youtube video. It would help me with my research.

  4. I had a missionary companion who developed (exhibited) some severe mental disorder. It erupted during a conversation we had with a theology student from Azusa Pacific University. (Does that count as a “crazy street person”?)

    I had conversations with hundreds of others that fit your descriptions, as did most missionaries. I think you are best to interview an actual former missionary [I’m not volunteering] if you are interested in presenting the missionary experience accurately.

  5. John, didn’t you post this on the forums as well?

    Not to be a wet blanket, but I am super-skeptical about your ability to write a novel about a Mormon missionary without either (1) having been one and experienced it yourself or (2) doing a serious amount of research.

    The way you ask this question leads me to believe that neither (1) nor (2) is the case.

  6. This was great, you’re a very good writer. I see that it was written several years ago, but I hope you can add to it at some point.

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